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Under what legal title can a non-Hungarian citizen reside in Hungary?

  • with a Schengen visa: entry into Hungary by third-country nationals requires a visa, except for citizens of countries that are visa-free. You can stay in Hungary for a maximum of 90 days with or without a visa.
  • residence permit: a residence permit is required for a stay in Hungary exceeding 90 days. According to the purpose of the residence permit, it can be, among other things: for job search purposes, for employment purposes, for study purposes, for family cohabitation purposes, for other purposes.

What types of residence permits can be applied for?

Letter of invitation

The issuance of the invitation letter requires the entry of a third-country national for the purpose of visiting Hungary.

In the invitation letter, the inviter (Hungarian citizen, immigrant, settled, third-country national recognized by Hungary as a refugee or protected person, holding a residence visa or residence permit, a person with the right of free movement and residence, and a legal entity) undertakes that the invited third-country national provides accommodation for a citizen, takes care of his maintenance, and also covers the costs of his health care and travel.

The request for an invitation letter will be evaluated by the Immigration and Citizenship Office within 15 days. In the event of a positive assessment, this authority provides the invitation letter with a clause.

The invitation letter is valid for 365 days.

Hungarian citizenship

The child of a Hungarian citizen acquires Hungarian citizenship upon birth.

Those who are not Hungarian citizens can acquire Hungarian citizenship by naturalization.

Acting Authority

Applications for residence permits are judged by the Immigration and Asylum Office. Third-country nationals staying in Hungary can submit their application in person in Hungary. Third-country nationals who do not reside in Hungary can submit their application at the nearest Hungarian consulate.

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