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Dr. Bátki Hanna attorneyMY LAWYER ACTIVITY

My dedication to the legal profession comes from my mother, who worked as a lawyer. It was from him that I learned the values of a legal career, the dedication of a lawyer, and the ability to cooperate with clients. Practicing the legal profession requires continuous development, research and learning. Accordingly, I practice my profession in such a way that I can always provide appropriate legal services to my clients. My legal practice is based on classic legal activities. I represent my clients in both civil and criminal cases.


I also represent private and legal entities in civil cases. The provision of civil cases consists not only of litigation representation, but also of document editing, preparation of contracts, and countersigning, which constitutes one of the largest parts of the lawyer’s activity. Document drafting can affect clients in many areas of life, including especially sales contracts, wills, annuity contracts, usufruct contracts, loan and credit contracts, and mortgage contracts.

During legal representation, I perform my legal activities with my client’s interests in mind in light of my knowledge of the law. I also provide legal representation during legal disputes between legal entities and private individuals.


My legal activities also cover business, economic and financing law. I act as a lawyer in the field of banking and financing transactions. Closely related to the area of business law is the execution of corporate law transactions, in particular the establishment of various forms (limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability companies) and joint ventures, as well as the drafting of syndicate contracts.

I have extensive experience in conducting legal due diligence, as well as in conducting sales and lease transactions related to real estate. I have extensive experience in M&A (mergers and acquisitions). I am available to my business clients with this specialized legal area.


As a lawyer, in connection with the field of economic and financing law, I undertake cases related to claims management: payment orders, issuance, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation proceedings.


As a lawyer, I gained professional experience in the field of public procurement. Related to this, I obtained a public procurement reference qualification in 2012, which particularly helped my public procurement legal work. I gained experience in both construction projects and service orders.


I provide legal representation in criminal cases, both by assignment and by assignment, both on the part of the offended party and on the side of the offender. In criminal cases, I work in close cooperation with lawyer Dr. Pál Bátki. During my legal activities, I undertake to represent my clients in both Hungarian and English.


2014-2017 cooperating lawyer and then partner lawyer at the Hajdu és Tarsai Law Firm

2010-2014 candidate lawyer at the Hajdu and Pázsitka Law Firm

2009-2010 intern at Pál Bátki Law Office

2008             intern at the Oppenheim Law Firm


2011-2012 Obtaining the qualification of public procurement officer

2004-2010 ELTE Faculty of Law and Law, law major, full-time, Cum Laude degree

Language skills

English            Negotiation level language skills

German           Language skills at a conversational level

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