Work Permit

Residence permit and Work Permit in Hungary

A residence permit for purpose of employment may be issued for the purpose of employment to third-country nationals whose purpose of residence is to perform work for or under the direction and/or supervision of others, for remuneration, under employment relationship.

What kind of documents do you need for the purpose of work permit and residence permit for the purpose of employment?

The most important documents are the work permit and the employment contract.

Employment Contract: a pre-employment contract shall be made between the employee and the employer prior submitting the documents to the Immigration Authority. The employer and the employee have to agree in the pre-employment contract in the followings main terms: subject of the job, salary, expected first day of the work, period of the employment contract, place of the work, working experiences and qualification required to fulfill the job.

Labor force demand: the third country citizens shall have a work permit.

The work permit:

  1. shall be filed to the Immigration Authority simoultaneously with the residence permit request,
  2. shall be filed before submission of the residence permit to the Immigration Authority but not later than 60 days, or
  3. if it was filed later than 60 days, but it was extended for 60 days before filing the residence permit.

The validity of the labor force demand shall be longer than 20 days. The labor demand request shall be requested at the authority where the third country citizend will work.

Validity of the residence card for the purpose of employment 

The residence card is given by the Hungarian Immigration Authority for the same period as the validity of the work permit. The maximum validity of the  permit is two year. Therefore the validity of the residence card for the purpose of employment shall be maximum two years too. The permit can be expended upon expiry.

What kind of documents are necessary to obtain a residence card for the purpose of employment besides the employment contract and the work permit?

The third country citizens shall also provide to the Immigration Authority the following documents:

  1. documents proving the existence of Hungarian accomodation: rental agreement, favor use agreement or own real estate
  2. comprehensive health insurance: having regard to the fact that the thir country citizens will not have Hungarian insurance upon the first submission, private health insurance is necessary
  3. bank statements which proofs the savings (incomes) of the third country citizens
  4. valid passport


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