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Right of inheritance
Right of inheritance


We distinguish several types of wills. It is true for all of them, however, that they are only considered wills if they contain a property disposition in the event of the testator’s death and it originates from the testator. A will can be made with a public will or a written private will. A public will can be made before a notary public. In the following, we will talk about the written private will.

Written private will

A written private will can be written by the testator himself or with someone else. For a written private will to be valid, the will must meet the following criteria:

  • the date of its preparation is shown in the document;
  • the testator writes and signs the will himself;
  • if the will is not written by the testator, the testator signs the private will not written by him in front of two witnesses;
  • he personally deposits the will written by his own hand or by someone else, either as an open or closed document, with the notary;
  • if the will is written by the testator’s own hand and consists of several pages, each page must be numbered consecutively;
  • if the will is not written by the testator and it consists of several pages, then in addition to continuous serial numbering, it is also necessary that each page be signed by the testator and the two witnesses.

In the case of spouses, the law allows the spouses to make a joint will.

Register of wills

For the purpose of safe keeping of private wills prepared with the assistance of lawyers, and so that the existence and content of wills can become known to notaries and courts, the Hungarian Bar Association operates a national central register of wills ( /40/374/1).

During the registration of the will, the lawyer hands over the will in a closed envelope, personally at the secretariat of the Hungarian Bar Association, or sends the will prepared by him to the Hungarian Bar Association by post in a verifiable way.

Registration fee for the will: HUF 10,000

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