Civil law

I undertake the representation of my clients in all areas of civil matters, as well as the preparation and countersigning of contracts for my clients. The field of civil law usually affects every person in some form, whether it is family law, inheritance law or just the conclusion of a real estate sale contract when buying real estate. The representation of clients in civil matters and the provision of advice to clients regarding civil matters have been of particular importance since Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code entered into force. The new Civil Code not only amended the previous regulation, but also expanded it with new areas. I have extensive experience in the field of civil law, and I represent my clients with corresponding efficiency, especially in the following areas:

Law of contracts

In everyday life, we make contracts with each other, if only unconsciously. We also enter into a contract when we go grocery shopping, buy newspapers, etc. in order to satisfy your needs related to everyday life. This type of contract in everyday life does not require the assistance of a lawyer. However, the use of a lawyer is essential for the conclusion of the other party to the contract. These include, among others, real estate sales contracts, business contracts, deposit contracts, loan contracts, franchise contracts, and delivery contracts. As a lawyer who drafts documents, my task in preparing these types of contracts is to mutually educate the parties about their rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the contract, as well as to contribute to the creation of a contract that complies with their contractual will and the provisions of the law.

Real estate law

The field of real estate law encompasses all legal problems related to real estate: drawing up real estate sales contracts, encumbrance of real estate either through mortgage, usufruct or other law, representation of condominiums, handling of condominium affairs. During my daily work as a lawyer, I come across many subfields of real estate law and represent my clients.

Providing civil litigation representation

Disputes can arise between people (both private individuals and legal entities) in countless areas. To resolve the disputed issues, the parties must first of all try to reach an agreement. If an agreement is not possible, or if the parties do not want it, the dispute will ultimately be brought to court, i.e. the civil procedure, the civil trial. A civil trial is a way of settling disputes, during which the judge renders a judgment and decision in the disputed matter in accordance with the law, taking into account the facts and evidence of the parties. In order for any party interested in the dispute, whether the defendant or the plaintiff, to succeed in reaching the most favorable decision during civil litigation, it is essential to use legal representation. As a lawyer, I provide and provide assistance to my clients for this, so that a favorable decision for the represented party in the dispute is reached in court.

Family law

By family law, we mean not only marriage dissolution proceedings (divorce proceedings), child custody disputes, child support, but family law also covers the moment of marriage, the maintenance of older parents, the institution of marital property or the institution of adoption. The events of our family life take place in accordance with the rules of family law.

Right of inheritance

A person accumulates assets during his life, which are passed on to his heirs upon his death. It can be inherited according to the order of legal inheritance or on the basis of a final measure. In the case of legal inheritance, the heirs are the deceased’s descendants or, in the absence of them, their direct relatives. In the case of inheritance based on a will, the heir is the person named by the testator as his heir in his will. If the testator has neither legal nor testamentary heirs, the state inherits. In addition to inheritance, the law of inheritance regulates many issues related to inheritance: disclaimer of inheritance, entitlement to an obligatory share, widow’s right to usufruct, inheritance creditors, etc.

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