Bank, Financing law

Project financing

Consulting in the field of project financing in connection with the development and negotiation of documentation for various (e.g. highway, energy, real estate) projects, as well as acquisition and export financing deals, with special regard to:

  • for concession contracts,
  • for construction and operation contracts,
  • for financing contracts, and
  • for the contract portfolio of complex collateral structures;

Corporate lending

Consulting in connection with the preparation and negotiation of documentation for syndicated, club and bilateral corporate loans, as well as the development of related collateral structures.

Financial regulation consulting

Consulting on regulatory issues related to the establishment and licensing of financial enterprises and the operation of financial institutions for Hungarian and foreign clients.

Company acquisitions

Consulting on the seller’s or buyer’s side in public and private acquisitions (M&A) and mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, conducting legal due diligence, preparation of related documentation (purchase and escrow contracts, discovery letters, etc.).

Company law and commercial law

Consulting during general corporate, commercial and civil law transactions, with particular regard to company formation, company representation, real estate sales, real estate rental contracts, and the preparation of various commercial contracts.

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